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Frequently Asked Questions

Q; What is a good beginner dart frog?


A; In my opinion there are several great beginner dart frogs, including D. leucomelas, D. tinctorius, and D. auratus. I reccomend these species because they are generally very bold and relatively easy to care for. 


Q; What do you feed dart frogs?


A; I feed my frogs a diet consisting mostly of fruit flies, but also offer other tiny bugs such as bean beetles, springtails, rice flour beetle larvae, and isopods. I also supplement with various vitamin and mineral powders which provide the frogs with the neccesary nutrition they need.


Q; Can you feed dart frogs crickets?


A; Yes you can feed dart frogs crickets, although I don't reccomend it. Dart frogs prefer very small prey items and keeping a steady supply of tiny crickets is a lot of work, not to mention they smell terrible. Crickets will also eat some vivarium plants leaving unsightly holes.


Q; How many dart frogs can I put in my vivarium?


A; This depends on many variables such as how large your vivarium is, the species of frogs you plan to get, and how many plants and other visual barriers you have. There is no simple answer to this question but in general  one frog per every 5-10 gallons is adequate. More space is always better and will make your frogs happier.



Q; What type of lighting is required for dart frogs?


A; Although many dart frog enthusiasts used to think that dart frogs could live with very low light many dart frog hobbyists are noticing that high quality lighting is important for the proper care of your frogs. I reccomend full spectrum flourescent lighting or LED's and good quality light will not only help your frogs thrive but will also help with the growth of vivarium plants and aid in natural processes in the vivarium.


Q; Do you ship outside of the U.S.A.?


A; No I do not ship outside the continental U.S.





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