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All frog Shipping is done Monday - Wednesday

So if you order frogs Thursday - Sunday they will not ship until the following Monday

If this shipping schedule does not work for you special arrangements can be made to accommodate your schedule in most cases

I will not ship frogs without confirming a shipping date to ensure the frogs safety 



Live animal shipping is done through FedEx overnight, all shipments must be held for pickup at a Fedex facility unless you have made special arrangements with me to ship to a home or office (weather permitting). All live shipments are guaranteed to arrive live and in apparently healthy condition. In order for the guarantee to apply you must provide me with the proper address for which the animals are to be shipped,  you need to be available to receive or retrieve the package on the day the shipment is to arrive, you must pick up your package within 4 hours of delivery to the FedEx facility or be available to receive it upon delivery.  It is your responsibility to alert me immediately by phone or email if your package is not on time or if anything is apparently wrong with your animals when you receive them.
I offer no specific guarantee for live animals after they have arrived seeing as dart frogs can be delicate and in some cases fragile amphibians I can only guarantee that they arrive safely and in apparently healthy condition, after that it is your responsibility to have the proper housing and knowledge to care for them. In the event of a DOA proof of death must be shown by photo. If a replacement animal/s are sent you will still be responsible for paying half of the shipping cost of the replacement.
Shipping live animals can be tricky due to weather conditions, I check the weather here and wherever I am shipping prior to shipping to ensure that your animals will arrive safely. Sometimes shipments will be postponed until weather conditions are suitable for shipping. I prefer to ship when temps are above 40 degrees and below 80 degrees, although I can ship in lower or higher temps for an additional fee if you would prefer to not wait for ideal shipping weather. Depending on temps I may have to use additional heating/cooling packs as well as additional insulation which is where the extra expense would come from. I put the animals health first and will not ship if conditions are not safe for the animals.

Dry goods, plants, and insects are shipped through USPS and are also guaranteed to arrive in good condition. If your dry goods, plants or insects arrive in poor condition it is your responsibility to contact me immediately by phone or email and I will be happy to replace any product that that does not meet your satisfaction, within reason.  

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